Call for Kitchen Cleaning in San Jose, CA, San Francisco, and the Rest of the Bay Area

Since 1993, KLEAN TEC has helped restaurants and commercial kitchens keep their premises in like-new condition. We travel anywhere throughout the entire Bay Area, including San Jose, CA, to perform our services, and we proudly provide exceptional cleanings. We’ll work hard to improve your kitchen’s efficiency, reduce your power bill, and reduce your risk of fire.

Below, you can learn more about our kitchen cleaning services. Keep in mind that we clean according to National Fire Protection Association standards.

Keep Your Tile and Kitchen Clean

Our kitchen cleaning services come with commercial-grade tile scouring. First, we treat the tile with an environmentally friendly degreaser. Then we use a high-power hot-water pressure washer to get the debris and stains out of your tile.

We particularly recommend that you clean areas like your drive-thru, entryway door, back door, and the high-volume areas of your parking lot. All of these areas see a lot of use and grease and oil buildup. We’ll take all the necessary steps to make sure the grease doesn’t ruin your area’s look or undermine its safety.

If you would like to make any part of your kitchen or restaurant clean again, call KLEAN TEC. Contact our San Jose, CA office at (888) 543-3474, or fill out our email form for more information. No matter where you are in the Bay Area, we’ll come to you.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation

The NFPA Standard-96 requires each exhaust fan to be hinged, allowing appropriate inspection and cleaning. Hinging of the exhaust fan is not only required by the code, it also helps to increase the life of the fan. If not hinged, the electrical wiring can be torn and exhaust fans can be damaged. KLEAN TEC can install exhaust fan hinge kits at a very competitive price.

Fan Access Panel Installation

NFPA Standard-96 requires fan access panels on the exhaust fans, allowing all areas of the fan to be inspected and cleaned. Fan access panels allow the technician to clean the back side of the fan blades. Not having access panels results in grease build-up on the blades, which can cause the fan to become off-balance, rattle, and wear-out the bearings and belt, thus degrading the overall effectiveness of the exhaust fan. KLEAN TEC can install exhaust fan panels at a very competitive price.


Concrete Cleaning

KLEAN TEC can thoroughly clean your concrete using a commercial grade surface cleaner and our hot water high-powered pressure washer. We can pre-treat the concrete using our eco-friendly degreaser and clean your concrete. Areas typically in need of cleaning are back door areas, drive-thru, front door entry areas, high volume parking areas, etc.


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